The Angus Armanasco Stakes results are influenced by many circumstances, and there are a huge number of elements to take into consideration when attempting to predict them. Whether a horse is contesting the race first up or have had a few starts prior, and how they race individually under those circumstances, can easily change the Angus Armanasco Stakes results.

In 1993, the Angus Armanasco Stakes results took an interesting turn. Big Jamaica and Gold Design crossed the line together for a photo finish and were both awarded equal first place.

Notable Angus Armanasco Stakes winners include Better Draw (1976), Delightful Belle (1985), Northwood Plume 91995), Elegant Fashion (2002), Miss Finland (2007) and Spirits Dance (2014). Angus Armanasco Stakes results, including top three finishers and winning times, are listed below.

Angus Armanasco Stakes Results

Year Winner Runner-Up Third Time
2017 Savanna Amour Ellicazoom Oregan’s Day 1:22.9
2016 Catch A Fire Mossin’ Around Pasadena Girl 1:23.5
2015 Sabatini Fontein Ruby Samartested 1:23.2
2014 Spirits Dance Marianne Metaphorical 1:23.5
2013 Meliora Members Joy Red Fez 1:23.3
2012 Shopaholic Soft Sand Cute Emily 1:23.4
2011 Pinker Pinker Sayahailmary Sistine Angel 1:21.4
2010 Set For Fame Gigas Irish Lights 1:22.5
2009 Gold Water Gallica Miss Scarlatti 1:35.9
2008 Zarita Pleasantsundaygirl El Daana 1:37.9
2007 Miss Finland Causeway Lass Kisumu 1:36.6
2006 Serenade Rose Doubting Fanciful Bella 1:34.8
2005 Ballet Society Astrodame Glen Shian 1:36.8
2004 Special Harmony Deep In The Woods Demerger 1:38.6
2003 La Bella Dama Lashed Dextrous 1:36.2
2002 Elegant Fashion Li Lo Lill Moon Dragon 1:36.7
2001 Rose Archway St Therese Ponton Flyer 1:35.9
2000 I Am A Ripper Danarich Super Sequel 1:38.4